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Ding, Ding! Round two!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010
Give it to me baby!

Fucking hell, Cameron only came back to my place for round two! Straight off with her kit again! She’s sex mad, her pussy was dripping all over my rug! Straight up her fanny with a two finger kit-kat she was! I gave her a fanny rammer and she said she loved cucumbers while sucking it hard! She sucked it so hard that my eye watered and my dick throbbed! She rammed the cucumber right up her muff and dripped juices even more when I told her I’d been wanking over her while sniffing her knickers! By fuck, she did squeal with pleasure and came so much that my rug now has a scratch ‘n’ sniff patch, Mmm, Mmm! Cameron squirted like a can of cream all over my rug and herself and you can see it at!